Anti Cyber Laws In India

Bullying has become the most performed crime in now-a-days. Cyber bullying is rapidly increasing in this digital world. Read on to know about Bullying and cyber bullying and also get legal view on this aspects.

Introduction :

An act of threatening a person to do something, especially such repeated coercion is known as Bullying. This can be physical, verbal, or relational, in-person or online. A person who is suffering from bullying will be surviving in a fear of when and where the next bullying might strike, what they will do and how far they might go.

On basing the form of bullying there are different types of bullying. They are :-

Physical bullying

Verbal bullying

Relationship bullying

Cyber bullying

Attacking through physical ways like hitting, kicking or pushing or else portending to so comes under Physical Bullying.

Abusing through calling out name or teasing, making fun or insulting through verbal means is described under Verbal Bullying.

Neglecting to speak or joining in group, spreading false news and making things to do which one prefer to not do, all these are known as Relationship Bullying.

Cyber Bullying :-

Bullying or harassing through internet means is simply known as Cyber Bullying. All other types of bullying are made in the presence or surrounding of the victim. Whereas in case of cyber bullying its made through internet which doesn’t need the culprit to stay within the surroundings of the victim. This cyber bullying is made through digital devices like computer, mobile, laptops, and other digital devices. Social media platforms are the main source for this cyber bullying.

There are different methods in cyber bullying.

One of such type is posting indecent, hurting rumours or comments of an individual in online platforms.

Or publishing nasty photo or video.

Creating fake accounts on one’s name and misusing those profiles.

Bullying other peoples through fake accounts.

Gathering information of one person through their close people’s fake account.

This cyber bullying includes publishing, posting or sharing false information or rumours regarding an individual to humiliate or assassinate them. Doxing is also one of the dangerous way of cyber bullying. One gathers whole information of a person through their social media platforms or from other’s accounts. Later those collected information is used to harass or bully them.

This digital bullying is rapidly increasing in India with the rapid increase of technology in the country. With the increase of technology people started using more social platforms. This made easy for the culprits to bully people in online. In India nearly 8 out of 10 people are suffering from Cyber bullying. This shows that the risk of cyber bullying is alarmingly increasing in our country.

By seeing the rapid increase of cyber bullying victims helplines are made for their protection by the Ministry of Women and Child Development . This helpline is made to report in case of harassing or bullying or defamation through online sources. This is made keeping in mind that the protection of Child and Women.

How to identify victims of Cyber Bullying ?

We can find a sudden change in their regular behaviour or hobbies. They might be too addicted to the online platforms. One might reduce the number of their posts or messages if they are harassed through cyber bullying. They do such things cause they are threatened to face those harming text messages or rumours or posts.

They become more depressed and are not ready to share any of their feelings to anyone especially regarding the cyber bullying. Some sensitive people might risk their life cause of this cyber bullying. They feel more sick and might start skipping schools to avoid being bullied. One should observe them carefully and start giving hope to those victims that every thing will be normal. Reporting regarding the bullying is most important step to be taken to protect yourself from cyber bullies.

Anti Cyber Laws In India :-

Cyber bullying is one of the most alarming crime in India in nowadays. Unfortunately there are no special laws for cyber crime in India. It is shocking that there are no Anti-Cyber Bullying laws in India. But there are some sections that cover Anti-Cyber Bullying laws in India. They are

Sharing or sending invidious messaged through communication service, etc – Sec.66A

Violation of Privacy – Sec.66E

Castigation for publishing of material representing children in any sexual explicit act, etc – Sec.67B

Breaking confidentiality and privacy – Sec.72

Sending threating messages through mails-Sec.503 from IPC (Indian Penal Code)

There are also many other sections like Sec.66C, Sec.66D, Sec.509 IPC, Sec.499 IPC, Sec.500 IPC.

Prevention of Cyber Bullying :-

They are many ways prevent cyber bullying. By taking some simple measures one can prevent themselves or their kids, friends, peers from being bullied.

By preventing posting personal information or their friend’s personal information one can protect themselves from being bullies. Never ever share your password to anyone. Stop ending messages when they are angry or upset. Block communicating with cyber bullies. Also delete the messaged shared by cyber bullies. Talk to your friends about your online life in case of any threat.  Be polite all the time. As known Prevention is better than cure. So take enough precautious methods to protect yourself from being Cyber bullied.


Cyber Bullying Cases in India :-

Many students are effected by cyber bullying in India. There are many cyber bullying cases registered in the year 2017. In February,2017 a twenty year old student from Lady Shri Ram college, Delhi was trolled and abused n social platforms. She has been receiving death and rape threats made it still worse. Also in the same year of the November, an MBBS student after facing nasty comments in her Facebook account committed suicide by jumping from her college building in Kerala. These are examples of worse has been the situation of cyber bullying in India.


Conclusion :-

Bullying is the most increasing problem faced by youth all over the world. There are types in bullying. Cyber bullying is the one of the most alarming method of bullying in India. Cyber bullying is made through online means and through electronic devices like laptop, computer, smartphones, etc,. These is made through social platforms. Surprisingly there are no special Anti-Cyber Bullying laws in India. Helplines are made to protect girl and children to report in case of cyber bullying.


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Author: Duvvuru Sravya Reddy,
Ifim Law School, 1st year, BBA LLB student

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