Article 19 of the Constitution is where you get the freedom of speech which is right to express your opinion about anything oral which is written or even broadcasted or pressed out where you have all the special and specific references to freedom of speech.

Article 19 is also be defamed by the government or well said by Mr Amit shah himself which he did in the protest during the CAA protesters, 370 protesters, as well as protest of triple tallak which created a very huge controversial zone towards the government’s influential policies and also government negligence towards people’s support as well as press support.

Normally confusing about article 19 of our constitution can also be reflected with section 124 a of IPC which clearly states that freedom of speech can relate to anti sedition which is totally acceptable but keeping article 19 into consideration section 124 a needs amendments but also section 124a should not be used with section 144 of CRPC and IPC together which is a huge word towards the protesters and people’s opinions parked down.

And also let’s people to stop protesting and as well as put up their opinions about each other particularly during the protest we saw in Gujarat, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra that people were applied on section 144 as well as section 124a IPC most probably the CM of Uttar Pradesh Mr Yogi Adityanath misconceptillated about anti sedition which is totally unrelated to the protesters happened for CAA 370 and triple tallak in total having protesters about triple tallak were said to be negligent no doubt but having protesters for CAA and 370 were kind of true.

Making people not speak about their own rights and their own dreams and wishes about the country’s well-being it can be dangerous and harmful for article 19 to exist in our constitution well are constitution giving us such a well-defined article of expressing our views over any government and freedom of speech is letting us face section 144 as well as section 124 a by our own union home ministry headed by Mr Amit Sir and prime Minister office by Mr. Narendra modi himself.

I feel powers are given to one who deserves and doesn’t misuse for people’s and as well as their own benefits.

Author: Aman Thakkar,

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