In this changing universe of technology and robotics, Artificial Intelligence has its individual and vast parts to perform. Its ambit comprises a data system that is inspired by biological methods including various technologies i.e. machine training, deep knowledge, network idea, natural word processing, etc. In plain terms, Artificial Intelligence indicates when a device works according to the programming of a human mind.

The purpose of Artificial Intelligence from prior activities can be described as:-

• We can enter all the data within Artificial Intelligence over a virtual world by eliminating individual concealment choice;
• We can communicate all across the globe via sound, text and pictures;
• Choice forming by support provided by the computers to the accumulation of jobs and suggested medical examination and it can be an illegal case and release on bail;
• Bit-coin businesses are developing in this era which fulfilled by blockchain, it is a form of decentralized and shared electronic performance gone over by all users and it also refreshes time to time;
• Customers can adopt electronic commerce duties which are components of computers.
• Production by Robots;
• It also involves Semi-autonomous and shortly it will be completely independent which indicates self-driving vehicles or devices of all kinds.


Banks Depending upon BlockChain for Various Applications
The world favors more digitalized processes in trading methods through computers and mobile phone stages. We can see the advanced technology of blockchain by United Arab Emirates which was inaugurated last year with the desire to reduce the cheque scam. Each sheet of cheque includes a QR code within which it holds a cheque on the blockchain.

Then, later Banks have to clarify the same through bank image-based cheque clearance arrangement and bank employees must indicate whether there is any difference concerning the same.

At the beginning of this method, the bank got a million deal through cheque on the blockchain. As this program methods more than a million events per second, therefore, nations like Japan are preparing to start this practice in this year.

Saudi Arabia Awarded Citizenship to a Robot

In 2017, Riyadh declared that robot Sophia (AI), places itself as a woman and was awarded the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. This move differs from several decisions that decide the type of the role of materials of legal relationships in diverse situations. Firstly, it denies the standard of Saudi Arabia citizenship that can be achieved in the subsequent ways:

1. By birth
2. By marriage
3. By adapting

Aside from this, Sophia has more benefits in association with other women in Saudi Arabia. It is necessary for women, to wear Hijab and Burqah whereas Sophia arrived in the presence of thousands of people without the aforementioned clothes. Moreover, women cannot go outside their homes without a male protector but Sophia does. This is how Artificial Intelligence violates Rules for Women in Saudi Arabia.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) relates to the dimensions of machines to execute duties that are connected with the human decision-making. AI computer operations follow a diversity of datasets and neural data to make choices. Proceed with machine learning, AI impresses on almost all features of contemporary life. Since digital technology is taking the site of human acts, legal concerns of AI are necessary.

• Use of Artificial Intelligence in Torts – In Tort, accountability for the injury can be required when a semi-autonomous or independent transport had been careless towards a customer. There can be an addition of the constitutional associations with the judgments taken by AI. Some like examples include the recent misfortune of a Google Car that sideswiped a city bus in 2016, a Tesla driver’s death in an autopilot-involved collision, a motorcyclist who struck with an independent Chevy Bolt electric vehicle in 2017, and a stroller hit and killed by an independent Uber test transport in 2018. These events on the front of it confers the bad choice making of AI at special situations as several datasets and resolution algorithms use various datasets that evolve by drawing. The most significant issue turning this theory is that in such circumstances who would be regarded as careless, the program developer, or a computer?

• Medicine and Health Assessment – AI precision-medicine algorithms are employed to foretell patient chances of infection and it also helps with analysis and remedy preference, as well as prioritizes patient responsibility where supplies are inadequate. Health-oriented AI technologies are expected to bring medical negligence difficulties. For example, if a radiologist who interprets pictures misses a cancer virus then who will be responsible for it? AI is there to foretell the heart attack symptoms through an AI informant system but if it slips and gives the fake warning to you then who will be the accountable person?

• Use of Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Law- The application of AI in the context of the criminal statute fosters significant lawful and moral problems. For instance, what are the legal associations of using citywide quality sensors to identify the place of gunshots? Does a sign from a sensor form a strong foundation for door-to-door or backyard-to-backyard policemen researches? Furthermore, it has been printed on how datasets discusses the facial identification methods which produce further biases in the identification and may lead to a wrong match. Finally, if we are utilizing the devices of AI-Risk Assessment for the pre-trial sentencing then the information sets based on group or socioeconomic circumstances may constitute prejudice and outrage unlawful legal arrangement. It can also direct to wrong forecasts for those who do not visit court frequently and are replicated offenders.


A “Smart Contract” can be inserted into among the gatherings, it has the identical legal efficacy as customary agreements. An agreement has an excellent supply to administer a less or the entirety of the terms of knowledge. But it can be difficult and complicated seldom as it is performed using the Internet. There are many conditions and matters for lawyers. Firstly, it doubts how a lawyer can outline a smart agreement when he has no understanding or ability of programming of AI devices. Furthermore, there is a lot of data to be explored for and there are numerous dirty data can be seen when access it. At that period, smart agreements displeased to be administered and now the problem occurs that a smart arrangement will be valid agreement or not? It can be viewed through various problems that AI has holes and several problems which are needed to be explained.


Everything has both pros and cons, moreover, there are uncountable advantages of AI and some notable defects are also there. With the development of new technology, AI is all agree with the everyday duties of humans day by day. In supporting Healthcare it is seldom hard to trace the Blood pressure of patients correctly. It is probably because of the bad choice-making of the AI model datasets which plans according to the conditions. In Indian Constitutional Law, Article 300 which speaks about the “State Liability” can be a guardian for producers of machines. As of now, no special legislation which acknowledges robots as a ‘person’ has been launched in India and it is administered under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Author: Nishtha Kheria,
Amity Law School, Amity University Noida 4th Year 7th semester / Student

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