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Attorney general of india is appointed by president of india under article 76(1) of the constitution and holds office during the president of india. He is the highest law officer of the country. He must be a person qualified to be appointed as a judge of the Supreme court. Article 76 and 78 of the Indian constitution deals with the attorney general of india. Attorney general of india should be the citizen of India and judge of some high court for 5 yrs or advocate of some high court for 10 yrs or should be an eminent jurist in the opinion of president. The constitution doesn’t provide for fixed tenure of president during the pleasure of president attorney general takes the post. He should be some eminent person in the eyes of president. The salary of the attorney general is not fixed by the constitution

Now let’s see the duties and functions of the attorney general of India

1.He is the highest law officer of the country

  1. He gives advice to the government of India upon legal matters ,which are reffered or assigned to him by government.

3.He discharges the function conferred on him or by under constitution or any other law

4.He appears on the behalf of the government on all the legal matters

Now we will look at the rights and limitations of the attorney general of india .

1.In performance of his duties he has the right to audience in all courts in the territory of india .

2.He can take part in the proceedings of the house but he don’t have the right to vote.

3.He can take part in the meetings of various committees of the parliament of which he is named as member.

4.He enjoys all the rights and privileges and immunities that are available to member of parliament.

Now I will talk about some limitations on the attorney general

1.He should not tell anything against government of india

2.He should not accept appointment as a director in any company without the permission of government.

Attorney general can practice of his own he is not restricted from private practice, He is not a government servant as he is not paid fixed salary

Mr kk venegopal is current attorney general of India .President of India reappointed KK Venugopal as attorney general

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