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The School of IPR and Commercial laws is an autonomous research school of the Research Board of All India Legal Forum. It is an initiative to promote interdisciplinary research in corporate law and related fields like competition law, policymaking, conflict management, banking and Intellectual Property Rights. The main objective of the school is to provide holistic advice on all issues relating to corporate affairs and Intellectual Property Rights, and impacting on corporate functioning, including the legislative, policy, structural, governance, regulation and interdisciplinary/ coordination issues, keeping in view the current developments and the probable future scenarios. 


The main objectives of the school of IPR and Commercial Laws are as follows:

  • To set up and advance connections internationally and nationally with similar bodies, and provide a focal point in India for researchers in corporate law.
  • To attempt and encourage research on corporate laws and entice students of the highest potential to provide opportunities for their engagement in corporate law research projects.
  • To establish close relations with top associations and members of the legal profession associated with corporate law and securities regulation.
  • To research Corporate Laws and allied laws of foreign countries and to identify training and development needs of the officials of the legal, regulatory other agencies associated with the implementation of corporate laws, rules and guidelines.
  • To provide a forum for critical research on the interplay of contemporary issues in corporate law, both from an academic and industry perspective.
  • To provide insight into how Intellectual Property Laws are essential.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and debate in the field of Intellectual Property Laws to students and academicians, and to undertake academic research and study to suggest improvements in various laws, bills and government policies.
  • To provide high quality and exclusive legal research both doctrinal and empirical by nature in the field of IPR and Commercial Laws.


Intern, School of IPR and Commercial Laws (Online Internship)


The following are the main roles to be performed:

  1. Participation in organised events like debates and panel discussion.
  2. Writing articles on relevant topics or new developments in IPR and Commercial Laws.
  3. Participation in competitions in IPR and Commercial Laws.
  4. Editing papers in IPR and Commercial Laws.
  5. Writing legal opinions on judgments in IPR and Commercial Laws.

You will be expected to complete your allotted tasks within the time specified by your mentor.


  • Students who are in the Second Year and upwards in the 3-year LL. B and Third Year onwards in 5-year UG Law course. 
  • Students willing to work for the tenure and have interest in IPR and Commercial Laws. 



The internship programme will be for a period of One (1) month. 


Certificate of completion will be given upon successful completion of the internship programme. 

No Certificate will be given in case of non-fulfilment of tasks and non-completion of tenure.


 Interested candidates may mail their CVs at with the subject “Application of Internship, SOICL”.

Deadline: 11.59 PM, 30th November 2020

For further information, kindly mail us at

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