Corruption: A Deadly Momentum in India


Corruption in India is happening because of corrupted politician, mla’s takes the privilege projects by the government by the reason of social spending for the people of state for the development of rural and urban areas and make lots of money by settlement in the government projects. In 21st century if a person wants a government job the that person has to pay lakhs pf rupees to the higher authority and government authorities because of taking bribe for wrong things to done and its damages the Indian economy. Corruption is the misuse of the powers of the elected politician, government officers, government authorities included by the government and they misuse the powers and get their pockets full by taking bribe. Corruption impacts the economy in the world. The political corruption is the worst corruption in the world because the corruption  Now everywhere its private sector or government sector to get job or some work done one or other has to give bribe for the work done it is wrong thing or right to be done[1].

Corruption is getting worst day by day in India because today is everywhere is hurry for the work to be done in private sector or government sector and they give bribe to the officers to get the work done. Many politician and mla’s using their black money by investing in the business to make the money white. India is a democratic country and india has a very complicated government system working in the country, nobody wants to get in kind of problem so they money and the money is called bribe and its goes to black money.

Corruption has very bad impact in the society and country. And there is a great loss to the people who pay taxes to the government. To get corruption free india, judiciary system and government has to make some strong rules and policy and rune various types of campaign against the corruption. Corruption is growing in every field like hospitals, schools, education, jobs etc. the education system are also involved in this by giving seat to those who give bribe to schools.

Corruption in india is leading to all the levels from the watchmen to the ministers. Their should be more strict law of anticorruption in india.



This law is used for the right of private defense in the act of a person of unsounded mind.


This law is used for section 276C of the act for prosecution where is assessed has wilfully attempted to avoid the chargeability or burden of tax, penalty, interest etc.


This law passed to prevent corruption in the Indian government departments and to prosecute and punish public servants involved in the corruption.


This law bans all benami transection and gives the government the right to recover property held benami without paying any compensation. The benami transection are now illegal[2].


This law was passed to fight against the criminal offense of the legalize income. This law helps the government or public authority to confiscate the property earned from illegal incomes.

Steps taken by Indian government to stop the corruption.

In India the biggest action taken by Indian government to stop the corruption is demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees notes banning. In india the RTI- “RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT” is passed because the citizen can now ask the government about how money is spend in india. In india the ‘JAN DHAN YOJNA’ and ‘DIRECT BENEFIT TRANSFER’ schemes bank account of the millions of people were opened so they can get subsidy and other benefits in their banks. In india the e-auction for the spectrum of the natural resources is good step towards the corruption. In india government is focusing more and more on digitizing which is lead to more functioning in government and private sectors. India has made CVC- ‘CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISION’ because to stop the corruption, it was step by the Indian government to advise and set to central government.


1) Securities scam 1992  RS 10000 crore.

Key accused- Harshad Mehta.

Harshad Mehta was an india stock broker. He done scandal of 10000 crore rupees. He manipulated stocks illegally and obtained money from the several banks of using fake bank account and receipts . Harshad created fraud involved big banks like SBI, NATIONAL HOUSING BANK. Harshad alleged is engaged in a massive stock. Manipulation financial scheme by worthless bank receipts which his firm they brokered for transection of banks. The Bombay high court and supreme court for his part in scandal. Thereafter the securities exchange board of india introduced new rules to cover those loopholes. Harshad died at age of 47 by sudden heart attack in 2001[3].

2)  Vijay mallya scam 2016 RS 9000 crores

Key accused—vijay mallya

In 2016, vijay mallya absconded the country and sought refuge in United kingdom after the accused fraud and money laundering in india. Mallya accused various banks over 9000 crores, which had taken as a loan to keep his now removed kingfisher airlines from failing in India. Mallya declared fugitive economic offender under fugitive economic offenders act[4].


In India today for any kind of work people are giving bribes. For any type of government post or private sector like teaching, clerk, nurse, doctor, sweepers, watchman some shop or jobs the amount of bribes are increasing as the level of job is increasing. This is a very serios situation in india and it has became very important and reject it for the welfare of the country to stop the corruption and make india corruption free. anti corruption office must be more attentive and more authorities to stop the corruption. The government should lead not allowing itself to corrupt sector. India is the most corrupted country in india because the 1.40% of the property or farms and lands are involved in the black money to the builders, politician and officers appointed by the government. 38 % of farms and lands are involved in the bribes by entire government sector or some politician gain and sell them illegal.

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