Every day as soon as we get up in the morning and read the newspaper, everywhere we can see the girls being the victim of any offense but have you ever noticed or heard that men on the same pedestal?

The answer is “no”, as the men and women cannot be judged on the same scales. We found our “lady justice” to be blindfolded but there are some laws are made only for women, such laws are made just to protect the women and their rights as in earlier time they were the one who were deprived of their rights, not only rights but also they were considered as the weaker section of society.

But sometimes instead of using these laws which are made solely for women to protect them, they are being used as a weapon. A weapon which was made for protection but now by the misuse of it has resulted to be used to harm the innocent. Then why when someone says gender inequality, it is presumed that it is being talked about crime against women? Gender equality does not involve only women but men too. The issue of crime against men in India largely remains unsupported and unreported.

Some statements of some of our eminent leaders:

“Boys are the rejected maal.” – Anandiben Patel

“Every man is a Potential Rapist.” – Nandita Das

“It’s time for men to suffer. You cannot trust men or your husband.” – Renuka Chowdhary

No one cares for those Indian men who suffer because of their women.

“Not all women are victims and not all men are criminals.”

Everyone has raised voice against freedom and equality of women but why forget that men can be victims too! Sadly, Indian Legislation has failed to accept that men can be victims of sexual violence and assault.


Most of the crimes done against men don’t even get registered and it is because of the sick mentality that is being carried out by society. A man suffers in silence because of many reasons:


The denial of crime by the victim only prolongs the abuse. Just like women who suffer from domestic violence but do not accept it as violence, men too fall into the same category.


Look at the other side of the coin, apart from your caste, creed, age; you are judged by what gender you are. Indian society tries to hide the issues where men come off as vulnerable.


Society does not allow a weak men-image to be portrayed and so the family pressurizes the victim, here men, to keep mum.


The law in India is tightening against any kind of crime against women but they have forgotten to fill in the loopholes. The same laws are used to make false charges against men for money, sexual advantages, and many other reasons.


  • Suicide
  • Depression
  • Divorce or Denial in accepting the family


Men are considered to be the perpetrators of domestic violence and women on the other hand are the victim of it.

But can you even imagine a man can also be the victim of this domestic violence because no such complaints are registered by men, and so becomes the silent victim?

This is why because men are said to be bold and women are considered to be sensitive, so women can only the victim of violence and not the men. This might be the reason why men don’t register any complaints against their wives because the society will call them with a name of “coward”.

Men also are abused verbally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and sexually. As our Indian law and society favor only women. Many courts also commented on false allegations of domestic violence by women. Men are still not ready to speak of this violence against them and they are ignorant about any legal help to avoid this.


The very Section 375 of IPC dealing with rape and legal provisions against it, mentions no rapes or sexual assaults against men, in fact, it portrays that if a rape has been done then women are the victim, and men are the perpetrator. Not only this, IPC Sections 354 A, 354 B, 354 C and 354 D, dealing with sexual harassment, disrobing, stalking and voyeurism all accept women as victims and men as the executors. There is only IPC Section 377, which is also crippled, it records for sexual violence against men but it incorporates only penile sexual intercourse, non-penile abuse victims are not served by law. Many women are misusing these laws to harass men. Don’t blame men for eve-teasing, harassment or rape until you know the truth behind it. As the criminals do crime neither nationality nor gender.


The structure of our society is changing and with the change of it, the difference between both the men and women is also reducing. An estimate of 3 crore men is facing physical violence and threats by the wife and her relatives in India. But they remain quiet because “Men are not allowed to cry” and they are ashamed to expose it. Moreover, our society doesn’t accept weak men. They fear false allegation which sends him and his family behind the bars.

All we need to do is to change our mindsets as the men too are the sufferers of abuse. Men don’t cry is the mentality that should die. Men roam here and there wearing the plastic smiles on their faces just to hide the scars.

Author: priyanshi bhardwaj,
Trinity Institute of Professional Studies, 2nd year student

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  1. Ys “there is rampant /misuses of law happening in this 21th century just because of illicit characteristics of few educated women these day
    …I don’t understand what Nandita das wanted to convey from her statement but I know this world ll change we just need to address and engage men and women in good works which ll help establish standard ethical practices through themselves😎

  2. I hope this write up would draw the attention of people towards THIS issue also. Great work Priyanshi. Keep going.👍


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