Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

What is Domestic  Violence ?

“Domestic Violence” term is outlined in Section three of “The Protection of ladies from violence Act,2005.  Harms or injures or endangers the health of AN aggrieved person. Mental or physical hurt to aggrieved person . Threatening the aggrieved person. Harasses the aggrieved person or demand for any dowery or alternative property or valuable security.

Sorts of violence

* Physical Abuse :

Defined in section three (explanation one – sub clause i) of The Protection of ladies from violence Act, 2005. It means that conduct that is of such a nature of bodily pain. Danger to lifetime of AN aggrieved person. conjointly embody touching, slapping, punching, propulsion hair, burning, cutting, pinching, etc. (any variety of violent behavior inflicted on the victim).

* Sexual offence :

It is outlined in beneath Section three (Explanation one sub clause ii) of the Act. Any conduct of a sexual nature that abuses violates the dignity of lady. once wrongdoer forces the victim or conceive to have sexual contact with the victim while not the consent of the victim. it’s in variety of offensive sexual body elements, physical violence that’s followed by forcing sex, or maybe telling sexual jokes.

* Psychological Abuse :

It involves an individual’s makes an attempt to frighten, control, or isolate aggrieved person it’s within the abuser’s words and actions, moreover as their persistence in these behaviors. Includes Manipulation.

* Economical Abuse :

Defined in Section three (Explanation one sub clause iv) of the Act. It involves dominant a victim’s ability to amass, use, and maintain monetary resources. stop victim from earning cash. If victim is functioning they will have their own cash restricted or taken by the wrongdoer. seldom do they need complete access to cash and alternative resources.

* Verbal and Emotional Abuse :

Defined in Section three {Explanation one sub clause (iii) (a) (b) } of the Act. It includes insult, humiliation. Ridicule specially with reference to not having a baby or a teenager.

Violence in Corona Times

As we have a tendency to all recognize throughout this pandemic and in imprisonment violence cases has been raised. many ladies are facing violence and verbal and physical abuse even in traditional days and conjointly throughout the imprisonment. this study geared toward exploring the cases of violence among Indian girls throughout the COVID‐19 pandemic. Newspapers coverage the incidents of violence throughout the last 5 years were analysed to explore the problems associated with the surge in violence incidents throughout the COVID‐19 imprisonment amount. a serious increase in violence cases was ascertained throughout the COVID‐19 amount as compared to the previous years. Also, the cases were higher throughout the initial phases of the pandemic however step by step shriveled as time progressed. The impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic on girls was new and worse than before. Home containment as a live to guard the health and well‐being of the final public has resulted in raised sufferings for girls in terms of each sufferings from diseases and raised violence.National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) same nationwide imprisonment has junction rectifier to a fast increase in cases of violence. varied facilitate lines and organizations everywhere Asian country area unit operating perpetually to alter this issue.

 Helpline & Apps

* National Commission for girls has introduced emails and helpline no. for girls affected by violence.

* Emails for complaints of domestic violence:

* The National Commission {for girls|for ladies|for girls} has launched a whatsapp range for facilitate to women experiencing violence within the wake of Covid nineteen imprisonment.

* NCW launched a WhatsApp range, 7217735372, to report cases of violence.

Apps :

Many Apps area unit created in Asian country for girls safety some mentioned below:

* SHEREOS (Councellor of violence act )

* bSafe (Live tracking)

* Safecity (Guidance of city)

* My Saftipin (Shows the safest route)

* Himmat ( Launched by urban center Police for emergency services for women)

Remedies and Eligibility under DV Act

Commencement of The Protection of ladies from violence  came into force on twenty six October, 2006.

* This act is created to guard a girls from violence committed or vulnerable to be committed by and male person member of the family.

* It acknowledges the proper of the aggrieved girls to reside within the shared home.

* Aggrieved girls will directly approach to jurist for acceptable relief.

* Aggrieved girls conjointly approach Protection officer, policeman or Service supplier.

* This Act provides for several remedies that AN aggrieved girls may have that is protection, shelter, custody of youngsters, medical facility, legal aid, compensation, financial relief.

Reliefs under Domestic Violence Act

* Protection Order (Section 18)

* Residence Order (Section 19)

* financial Relief (Section 20)

* Custody Order (Section 21)

* Compensation Order (Section 22)

Violence complaints received in past 5 months reach a 21-year high.

Most complaints were received from U.P., whereas the very best criticism rate was recorded in urban center

Over 2,300 violence complaints were filed with the National Commission for girls between Gregorian calendar month and should in 2021, the very best for any year since 2000. Most complaints were received from U.P., whereas the very best criticism rate was recorded in urban center. However, in step with NFHS-5 knowledge, seventieth of ladies within the major States WHO two-faced physical violence failed to inform anyone concerning it. Even among those that sought-after facilitate, only a few reached bent the relevant authorities.

21-year high

Between January and May, 2021, 2,383 complaints of violence were filed with the National Commission for girls.

Suo Moto Petition

Suo Moto Petition in urban center supreme court All Asian country Council Of Human Rights, Liberties and Social v. Union of Asian country & Ors (W.P.(C) 2973/2020) it had been submitted that violence against girls has raised manifold within the imprisonment amount arising from COVID-19 pandemic. with reference to COVID-19 and violence against girls at Learned counsel urged measures of upsurge in violence cases against girls and youngsters.

Measures urged

  • The range of Protection Officers could also be increased;
  • There should be wide publication through varied modes of electronic and medium.
  • Helpline numbers could also be wide printed in many newspapers and in the other methodology that may be simply adopted
  • If any criticism is filed, immediate action ought to be taken
  • Emergency passes could also be issued to the Protection Officers
  • Dedicated groups as well as girls officers could also be fashioned


It was expressed that the provisions contained within the Protection of ladies from violence Act, 2005 shall be effectively enforced by the respondents. All the assistance lines and WhatsApp numbers, etc. shall be unbroken useful properly. reply to no matter calls or messages they’re receiving. If the affected persons face any difficulties in reaching the Officers, or in the other respect, it shall forever be hospitable them, to contact the District Legal Service Authority (DLSA), that assures, that they’ll take all due steps to come back to their aid

Author: Mansi Kanojia,
Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida , 3rd Year, Student

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