Is Weed or Marijuana legal in India?

Is Weed Or Marijuana Legal In India?

Weed, Marijuana, Bhang, charas, Ganja, and so in, cannabis in Bharat has been given varied names and forms over thousands of years. Cannabis has been a district of Bharat, specifically within the Hindu faith,used in the shape of charas (resin), soft drug (seeds), and ganja (flower of cannabis).

The most ordinarily used type of cannabis in Bharat is that the type of soft drug accustomed build ‘Thandai’, a milk shake laced with cannabis seeds and leaves, consumed on Hindu festivals of vociferation Mohalla, and different gay forms. However , is weed legal in India? is that the primary question that also comes up whenever somebody mentions weed, Marijuana or soft drug.

What will the Law Say regarding Weed Or Marijuana?

The central law that deals with cannabis in Bharat is that the Narcotic medication and mind-altering substances act,1985(1). However, totally different states have their own laws with reference to consumption, possession, sale or purchase of weed or Marijuana. In general, in India, possession of those medication is taken into account a criminal act and obtain in serious legal bother.
For instance ,Odisha may be a state during which weed is legal in Bharat and other people ordinarily use ‘Chillums’ to smoke weed among the state’s territory. Uttarakhand is that the Diamond State in Bharat enable business cultivation of Hemp. Since it’s a chic crop that needs less quantity of water, several different mountainous States area unit considering the proposal to permit controlled production of Hemp, and Marijuana.

Cannabis has been outlined because the flowering or mature high of the cannabis plant out of that the organic compound has not been extracted. This excludes the seeds and leaves after they don’t type the a part of the highest. By this definition ‘bhang’ doesn’t represent a district of the cannabis plant and thus soft drug is overtly consumed in Bharat on varied non secular occasions.


* Charas, crude or refined, may be a separated organic compound obtained from the cannabis plant and targeted preparation or organic compound known as liquid or hasheesh oil.
* Ganja the flowering or mature high, that excludes seeds and leaves that don’t type of the highest.
* Any mixture or drink created out of charas or ganja

The definition of cannabis underneath the NDPS act excludes soft drug as a district of the plants furthermore. The NDPS act prohibits the sale and production of cannabin and flowers, however the employment of leaves and seeds of the cannabis plant is permissible, with the states having the facility to control and type the state rules for it. any individual caught within the possession of any of those elements of the cannabis plant is also authenticated.
The province ganja and soft drug prohibition act, 1958(2) Babs the sale, possession, purchase, and consumption of ganja and soft drug. The city prohibition act 1949(3) prohibits the mabufacturw, possession, and consumption of soft drug and soft drug containing substances while not a licence in geographical area.

What Happens If you Get Caught With Weed Or Marijuana In India?

Even possessing prohibited medication in Bharat is Associate in Nursing offence underneath the NDPS act. the aim of possession of medication isn’t relevant and also the penalty depends upon the number of medication in possession of medication isn’t relevant and also the penalty depends upon the the number of medication in possession. If an individual is caught with medication or found to be a addict, she/ He voluntarily chooses to bear de- addiction treatment.
The various laws that wear down possession and consumption of medication in Bharat by juvaniles, or kids below the age of eighteen years area unit following
* The Narcotic medication and mind-altering substances Act,1985
* The juvanile justice act 2000
* State drug law

What Is The penalty For Carrying medication ( Weed Or Marijuana ) In Bharat

As per section twenty of Narcotic medication and mind-altering substances act ,1985 production, sale/purchase, transportation, interstate import/export or the other endeavor of cannabis is punishable.
* For holding atiny low amount, the prescribed penalty is rigorous imprisonment for upto half-dozen months, fine of Rs. 10,000 or each.
* For holding quite a little amount however but the business amount the rigorous imprisonment for upto ten years , fine of Rs. 1 lakh , or both
* For holding business amount, however slightly but business quality, the prescribed penalty is rigorous imprisonment for upto twenty years and fine of two lakgs
The small and business amount of assorted medication in Bharat area unit as follows
* opiate : five grams -250 grams
* hard drug : two grams – a hundred grams
* hasheesh or charas : a hundred grams – one metric weight unit
* Ganja : one metric weight unit – twenty metric weight unit
If you permit your premises to be used for such Associate in Nursing offence , you’re liable underneath section twenty five of the NDPS act and can be awarded identical penalty mentioned underneath section twenty totally different states in Bharat have created their own rules and laws In act that the amendments makes it even troublesome to navigate with the medication. Before thinking of possessing even the tiniest amount, simply look out that the law will return heavily on you.

Why Is Marijuana black In India? will or not it’s Legalised?

Indians have a awfully robust legendary and medication relationship with marijuana. It’s been here for hundreds of years as a part of our festivities and culture. In 1986 ,Govt if Bharat harassed from the healthful lobby of the US, gave in to form tight narcotic laws that created the sale, production, and transportation of black within the country.
There are for or against the arguement for legalising the drug ever since the laws has been unable to create a true distinction, alveit, shifted a legal supply of state financial gain to international drug cartels. As per the estimate around sixty,000 kgs of hash and forty,000 kgs of controlled substance area unit created in Himachal Pradesh. Out of that, solely five hundred kgs area unit condemned annually. By creating it legal, the govt. will increase state financial gain, it may also facilitate the native economy of mountainous States with restricted water and also the large demand for this drug may be de jure fulfiled reducing the black crimes related to this business.


As a accountable national If you bump into any individual WHO is mercantilism weed or Marijuana or different medication in Bharat, you’ll contact the police authorities of your nearest station house. There area unit special narcotics cells in several police stations in Bharat. A criticism may also be filed with the officer of state customs or excise with facilitate of best criminal attorney in Bharat.

Author: Duvvuru Sravya Reddy,
Ifim Law School, 1st year, BBA LLB student

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