Laws relating to hunting of wild animals in India

Laws concerning Hunting of untamed animals in India


We are near to find out the concept of hunting and why it is prohibited. The reason behind the prohibition of hunting and why in some cases hunting isn’t prohibited. In this article we are going to highlight the emergence of the concept of hunting and how it spread all over and why there is the need of the prohibition on hunting which has spread across the planet . At present Hunting is used as a medium of trading and using hunted animals for the commercialization process and to earn a huge amount of profit from that hunted animal trading is unrestrained.


Hunting is activity of chasing or searching for wild animals with a purpose of assassination. Hunting means some type of activity that involves mostly 3 processes i.e. Seeking, Pursuing and killing wild animals for his or her purpose of trading. Idea of hunting emerged 3 million years ago and it is existing till now across the world . Earlier time hunting was considered as a privilege of greatness and noble family and even people used to do hunting in their part time as a source of entertainment for them.


After the French revolution, hunting was made illicit which caused injury to the ecosystem of the forest and also led to endangered species. Earlier hunting was considered as a spare time activity and sign of nobility but now the government has made many laws related to prohibition of hunting which modulate the practice.

As said “hunting may be a leisure activity during the time of emperors but within the latter period, hunting wasn’t considered as a leisure or spare time activity, rather it was considered as a Necessity.” the rationale behind considering hunting as a necessity within the early period is that in the first period, People were nomadic and there was no development of other societies except nomadic society. At the outset they ate the animals which get dead or deceased but with the passing of time they started to look for fresh meat and healthy animals and started hunting by using their artificial tools made from stones. Some of the tools which were majorly employed by the hunters in early and time of life were spear, bow and quiver.


The need for a prohibition title itself shows why hunting must be prohibited. Hunting means killing wild animals with an objective of earning huge amounts of money or for the purpose of self fulfillment and is completely wrong in both aspects legally as well as morally.

Hunting should be prohibited because of the uninterrupted practice of killing from the very early period due to which the balance of the ecosystem gets disturbed and it affects both human and animal life. Hunting leads to the extinction of numerous species and which gently paves way to the danger to biodiversity.

Hunting must be banned because a lot of tribes realize wild fauna which are alive have greater value in biodiversity than the dead ones and also it nurture the ecological balance and if in this condition hunting will not be prohibited then it will be hurting many tribal groups which believe in living fauna in the biodiversity. The prohibition of looking for of these benefits is important and for implementation of this rule of not hunting any animal, Government brings many acts for the regulation of hunting and prohibition of hunting in India.

Some of the Acts which were introduced for the implementation of the rule of ban of hunting and regulation of prohibition of hunting.

1. Indian wildlife protection Act, 1972
2. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.
3. Indian Penal Code, 1860 (Section 428 as in Section 429).


Hunting of untamed animals is considered illegal not within the early phase of period but the govt is active and considering it illegal just after the French Revolution and many laws and provisions were laid down for the regulation of the hunting of animals.

Banning hunting is additionally a necessary step taken by the govt because it almost unbalances the ecosystem and deteriorating nature. The major reason consistent with my presumption for considering hunting as illegal is that it results in extinction of the many species of untamed animals and affecting the biodiversity which is the main focus of any country.

The article explains how the exception area is important for the event of the country rather than extinction of untamed animal species thanks to hunting, some areas which were considered so much important for the event of Nation, are eligible to try to to looking for their purposes whenever they have without being booked under the supply of law and therefore the different acts. Yes, this is often also a crucial element for any nation to compete and develop with the other nation except for that continuous hunting of untamed animals isn’t an answer .

Government should not bring more laws for hunting prohibition, the most important thing is that the laws which were existing currently for the regulation of prohibition of hunting should be strictly followed and regulated.

For better control on it, the government should make a special committee which looks after the activities of the members and this committee must look after their day to day activities so that extra hunting more than necessary should not be exercised and if anybody does extra than necessary requirement then they should be punished as per the given law or existing law. We should create awareness among public regarding hunting of wild animals. Strict measure are to be taken by the government but they seemed to be in effective in this regard. India had has a rich wildlife however ,there has been high decline in nation. We can see number of animals and birds are extinct or Steadily on the path of extinction which is matter of deep concern. Therefore, Government must take measures regarding prohibition hunting of wild animals.

Author: Ananya Kashyap,
Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur/ 1 year

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