Life of law student

Life of law student in India

I am law student of law (five year integrated law course). Studying law is not at all difficult but it requires logic, persistence and patience. Of course! You would need to work hard if you really want to know the law in its letter and spirit. It is not like formula, though it is a formula, it is philosophy , it is sociology, it is everything which a human being wants and everything which civilised society demands. So when you study law, you study phenomena, just like every other subject. There would be no other formula as in physics but there would be formula of equity; there would be no equation like chemistry but you have to maintain the balance of the pair of scale of justice. You would have to be objective in your approach in understanding the laws and policies of Government and the decisions of the courts, yet be aware of the subjective considerations. So you have to work hard. Working hard is never means any time for friends or 18 hours of study, cut off from the world. It simply means working sincerely and persistently. Moreover, clearing the exams and getting decent high-end job isn’t be our objective at the end of the day, it is something broader – understanding the society and how our discipline can contribute to make it better place for all of us living therein without any prejudice or favour.

One- nighters can be a dangerous thing. You might pass the exam but you will never have the knowledge unless you have a photographic memory like that of Mike Ross (Suits).


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Author: Ananya Pandey,
Law student 3rd b.a.llb marathwada mitra mandal's shankarrao chavan law college

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  1. Awesome! One of the best way of expressing the life of a law student. I completely agree with you. Beautifully written Ananya! I wish lots of happiness and success.


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