Role of Social Media in our life and its impact on society

Definition of social media and its uses:-

Social media refers to on-line tools and services which permit an exchange of concepts, info, videos, pictures, with regards to something you’ll be able to name. Social media additionally permits straightforward sharing and distribution of ideas.

It creates impact on individuals once it’s being shared on social media. In fact, a study suggests that 1/2 of the youngsters who are aged between 8 and 17 years have social networking profiles on applications like Facebook, Instagram etc. Not solely the kids, but individuals of all ages, are using social networking sites as a way of communication.

To stay in touch with our family, we need social media. Electronic messages, status updates, image-video sharing are few of the contents of social media.

Social Media Services

There are different types of social media services such as:-
•Microblogging sites like Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
•Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.
•Shopping Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.
•Online Video sharing platforms like YouTube, Netflix etc.


1. It has created communication a lot of touchable: – With the assistance of this platform, communication has become convenient. Anyone can contact person or businesses which was not possible earlier. We can send message to anyone and share our ideas with each other. If the person is using such platforms, anyone can easily contact them. Years ago it is not possible at all.

2.E-commerce:- Social media permits communication for not solely one’s personal life however for businesses also. E-trading is becoming the most important area for shopping on-line that not only helps consumers to buy however sellers to create business opportunities. Businesses have developed due to online advt or media sites; as a result they get the word out faster and quicker. Individuals started buying and selling their products online as it is a quicker way and nobody have to search them in markets. Examples of online shopping sites are Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

3.It has created Education more easier:- Currently, People who are busy don’t have enough time to watch news or read newspapers, so they use to surf the web for such details. Also, During this pandemic period, education remained continued just because help of applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc.

4.Social media provides endless opportunities:- Social media provides several tremendous opportunities, websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a few others, provides a chance to showcase ourselves, our skills like singing, stand-ups photography etc. This gave us a chance to showcase our skills on tese platforms and become after just sharing their talent and skills on such platforms.


1.It is Addictive in nature:- The Addictive Survey show that sixty three percent of Indians go browsing to Facebook, Instagram daily and forty percent log on multiple times a day. So this makes people addictive to use such applications.

2.Social media creates Cyber bullying:- The use of electronic communication to bully someone, usually by sending messages of an threatening nature. Social media can make damage to someone’s personal or career life, reputation etc.

3.It creates mental health related issue:- Individuals who are addicted to this platform can have negative side effects such as eye strain, isolation from society or lack of sleep. This can leads to more serious problems like depression and stress

4.Online threats:- Users of social networking sites are highly prone to attacks like hacking, phishing crimes, viruses, theft and leaking of personal data.


As per my understanding, I will like to conclude that:-
Social media is a really simple, easy and vital communicating platform for us. We can able to use it to grasp with friends and family and keep contact with them. We can also share our ideas with them. We could also learn new things on this platform by reading and watching the contents that people have shared. People have started selling and buying through this platform which could reduce the expenditure of advts. as well as stress to going to markets.

As we all know that there are two sides of a coin similarly there are always pros and cons. As this platform is very simple and easy to use, we forget to communicate to people thought verbal communication. We simply just text them. The main negative impact is that some human beings does bully a person from this social media platforms.

Social media modified helped us to improve our life much better. However, we have to alert to how to use them. If we use the social media well smartly, having social media can became a good modification for us.

Author: Naman Bansal,
The NorthCap University (Gurugram) Law Scholar- 2nd Year

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