Sample Rent Agreement


DATE:- 26th July 2021 

A rent agreement is made on 26th July 2021 (date) at Plot no. 11/111, Janakvihar, East Delhi, 111003 (place) between (owner) Mr/Mrs. ABC S/o Mr. DEF , resident of Plot no. 11/111, Janakvihar, East Delhi, 111003 and (tenant) Mr/Mrs.  XYZ S/o Mr.  PQR, resident of Society no.101 Guru Nanak Vihar, Dwarka, Delhi, 110031. 

I,  ABC is the owner of property Plot no. 11/111, Janakvihar, East Delhi, 111003, and the property is under my possession and nobody can claim any right over it. 

I do hereby declare that I have agreed to let out two rooms i.e. (Room no. 4 and 5) with attached toilets and bathrooms of the said property to  XYZ S/o Mr.  PQR, resident of Society no.111 Guru Nanak Vihar, Dwarka, Delhi, 110031. The tenant has consented to pay the amount of Rs. 6500/month or Rs. Six thousand five hundred only per month. 


  1. The tenant is liable to pay the rent of Rs. 6500/month on the 1st of every month. In case of emergency, it can be extended up to the 5th of every month.
  2. The above-mentioned amount does not include electricity and water charges. It should be voluntarily paid by the tenant to the owner as per the level of consumption. The tenant shall himself pay all the charges of day-to-day repairing work.
  3. The premises are rented for eleven months only, commencing from 1st August 2021 to 1st July 2022. The period can be extended by the mutual consent of both parties.
  4. The agreement can be revoked at any time before the expiry of the agreement by the tenant by giving a one month prior notice . 5. The tenant shall not be permitted to make any changes in the rent agreement. The original copy is kept by the owner.
  5. The tenant shall not be permitted to sub-rent the property to any other person.
  6. The tenant shall not be permitted to use the residential property as a commercial property for the fulfillment of his/her own interest. 8. The tenant shall not be permitted to do any construction in the rented premises without any prior notice. Installation of wooden partition, cabin, and air conditioner can be done after informing the owner.
  7. The tenant shall not be indulged in any illegal activities and keep dangerous articles. Consumption of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes is not allowed in the rented premises. Entry of any suspected person is prohibited in the rented premises.
  8. The landlord/owner would be allowed to visit the rented premises for general inspection of repair work.

We, landlord and the tenant, have read and understood this agreement and have agreed to sign the same without any pressure. 

Signature of ABC                                             Signature of XYZ

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