The Underrated Topic – Animal Cruelty



India is rich and famous for its Cultural Values, Democracy, and ancient Literature and books. As per the old books and literature some animals have some significance in diverse cultures. For example, in Hindu culture, mythology and the books show the significance and importance of certain animals like Monkey, Elephant, Snake, Tiger, Cow, Bull, Horse, etc. But what happens? A pregnant Elephant is tortured and was killed by feeding her a pineapple full of explosives, In Tamil Nadu an innocent Jackel was killed, In Himachal Pradesh a pregnant Cow was killed by the Humans. These incidents arise questions that the laws implemented on animal safety are sufficient and enough? As Mahatma Gandhi said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” animal cruelty shows the mindset of the people towards animal. After the Covid-19 Pandemic the cases of domestic animal violence has increased as the people are frustrated and angry being in home and that frustration is taken out on animals by burning, beating, kicking, stabbing, etc. For example, a puppy was thrown down from the roof of a building by a medical student in Chennai. The puppy got some severe injury. This shows the mentality of people towards animals. 


Now there are several types of animal abuse but I have described the main three types: 

  1. Sexual Abuse (Bestiality). 
  • In Haryana, a pregnant goat was Gangraped by 8 Mens in 2018. 
  • In Kolkata, A man was accused of raping a female dog in 2018. 
  • In Vadodara, Gujarat, A men who was working as a labourer raped 3 pregnant cows. 

These are some cases of animal sexual abuse or Bestiality. Bestiality means a sexual intercourse between human and animal. Several same cases can be seen in the newspaper as bestiality is often common nowadays. This is one of those things which questions the humanity, where an innocent goat, cow and dogs are not safe in this world. Bestiality is not dangerous for animals only, as per some studies in psychology and sociology it is presented that the people who commit Bestiality, can move to humans as their next target. 

  1. Physical Domestic Abuse. 

Physical domestic abuse is one of common abuse which animal suffers every day, every time. Physical domestic abuse means an intentional conflict of human and animal in which people hurts the animal by throwing stones, beating them with stick or get into a fight with an animal in which the animal gets hurt. From a 5-year-old to 40-year-old can be seen engaging in these types of conflict for fun or releasing their frustration or stress. These types of abuse create a dangerous, terrorized environment for animals to live in. 

  1. Organized Animal Abuse. 

From a long time, Animals are used for the entertainment of humas in various kind of sports and other activities, Dog fighting, Bull fighting and Cock fighting are some examples of organized animal abuse, as these animals are trained to be more aggressive to fight against one another for the entertainment of peoples. People also likes to gamble and place bets on these kinds of animal sports which is illegal in many countries but then also people always find a way to entertain themselves as these races takes place in underground illegally and hence, animals get extremely hurt or die most of the time . Example of such abuse is- 

Animal Welfare Board of India v. A. Nagaraja & Ors. 

Jallikattu is a cultural and a traditional sport of Tamil Nadu, where a large crowd is gathers and in that a bull is released with a bag of gold coins strapped to the bull’s horns and various Mens try to catch the bull and the bag of coin from the bull’s horn, these bulls are trained overly aggressive so that the bull can give competition the Mens involved in the sport. This sport describes the masculinity of the men involved, but it often ends with extremely injured bull or a dead bull which was wrong and an example of Organized Animal Abuse.  

In the year 2014 Supreme court of India Banned the practice of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. 

Laws Implemented for Animal Cruelty

  • In the Constitution of India

Article 48 tells that the state shall try to organize agriculture and husbandry on Morden and scientific techniques and not the traditional ways, make some changes for the betterment of animals and take proper steps for preserving and improving the breeds of animals and to put ban on slaughtering of cows and calves and other cattle.  

Article 48A tells that the state shall try to protect and improve the environment and to safe guard the wildlife and the forests of the country. The article also talks about the protection of nature and wildlife. 

Article 51A specifies that it is the utmost duty of each citizen to guard and preserve the natural environment which incorporates the forests, wildlife, rivers, lakes etc. Article 51A lays down the 11 fundamental duties that were added in the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment act, 1976. The article also says that the citizens must have compassion and feeling of love . 

  • In the Indian Penal Code

Section 428 and 429 tells that, a person who misbehaves and does mischief to an animal with a motive of hurting or killing the animal will be held guilty and will be punished with a fine or imprisonment of 5 years. Section 377 also tells that, bestiality (sexual abuse) is a cognizable and non-bailable offence. Whoever has sexual intercourse with any animal, man, or women against the order of nature will be held liable to a punishment of imprisonment up to 10 years or imprisonment for life and shall be liable to pay fine. 

  • The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

 The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act was enacted by the Parliament of India in 1960 to prevent and save the unnecessary cruelty and the brutality on innocent animals. The Act also says that, the acts and the behaviour which would come to animal cruelty and their corelated punishments. Section 11 of the PCA lays down the major crimes which clearly meant to animal cruelty. 


As Humans it is our duty to protect and save animals from these abuses and cruelty, Animal cruelty is a painful sensitive issue. Every organism feels pain whether its Human or Animal. Very few people feel the need and urge to speak up for the brutal and cruel acts happening on these innocent people. Therefore, as a faithful citizen and a human I am fulfilling my duty to write about this underrated topic of animal abuse and let People know that each and every life matters and everyone has their own right to live, whether it is humans or animals. Humans misuse their power and lack the emotions of love and compassion towards the animals. Animals do not have any voice of their own to protect themselves, but they do have the right to live.  

Author: Rohan Gupta,
Navrachana University 1st Year

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