Persecution of religious minorities in Sub-continents and around

Persecution of religious minorities in Sub-continents and around

This article of mine is based on persecution of religious minorities in both India and Pakistan.

Firstly in Pakistan

The condition of religious minority in Pakistan can be witnessed by the ongoing protests of the Hindus and other religious minorities, led due to the destruction and loot at their religious places, and setting them in Pakistani ablaze. It because of this behavior the minority people are afraid that the government has failed to protect them and they also say that they have to tolerate their violence against them. According to the minorities the conservative nature of their prominent leader are responsible for their present condition.

This condition of the minorities in Pakistan simply raises question about the state’s pledge to rein in the militants who are involved day and night in the attacks in India and Afghanistan. Pakistan got independence  in 1947 with the help Muhammad Ali Jinnah who said that there would be equality in the new country and now by seeing the present condition there word seem to ring hollow.

On moving to the other aspect of the condition of Christian in Pakistan:

The most of the Christian are becoming the victim of the blasphemy law in Pakistan. The gathering near the Palais Wilson, the office of  United Nations High Commissioner for Human right in Geneva answer all the question about the condition of Christians in Pakistan.

Holding placards which read “Save Pakistani Christians”, “Stop Human Rights Violations against Christians in Pakistan” and “Abolish Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan”, they shouted slogans against the Pakistan government to demand justice for Asia Bibi, a victim of Blasphemy law.

They also carried out a protest march from Palais Wilson to Broken Chair in front of Palace of Nations, to make people aware about the persecution of Christians and other minorities in Pakistan by the state and non-state actors.

Advocate Qamar Shams, President of the International Christian Council, said, “The situation is pretty serious and is going from bad to worse due to the fact it’s occurring all the time. Hardly a day passes when you do not hear a new case of persecution. And persecution in distinctive approaches – it’s no longer persecution of blasphemy laws – it is social persecution, it is economic persecution and at the moment what the circumstance in Pakistan is of the minorities and especially the Christians that they have been made to believe that they are not equal human beings. They are now not equal citizens, they do not have equal rights, and they do not have equal opportunities in jobs and government authentic positions, in the army, in navy and in the air force.”

“Lately, there were commercials in the newspapers which said that the job of a sweeper is mainly for Christians and solely Christians need to apply. At the moment they (Christians) have been made mentally upset and satisfied to believe that they are inferior and intended to do soiled jobs,” said Shams.

Anjum Iqbal, a Pakistani Christian based in Amsterdam, who joined the protest, said: “We are in minority and demand equal rights. There are numerous different issues which contributors of our neighborhood are going through in Pakistan. The important issue is injustice, which ought to not occur to any Christian, a Hindu or a character of some other religion. We demand equal rights”.

Now in India

In British ruled India it was in the hands of the British to make the laws, make amendments and decide whom consider as minor and major and how to deal with them and which rules to make. It was after the independence that Indian govt. got the chance to make rules and regulations for the country and treat their countrymen. And if we talk about the present situation the condition has become worst, we can see how the religious minorities are treated. India is a two faced country, where one side is treating each other’s, the minorities that they are residing in heaven and on the other side is totally vice-versa. The govt. is showing the upper side of the country to the world and talking about the strategies that how India is going to be a developed nation in the coming future, how it will open the market for rest of the world and giving chimerical hopes to the countrymen living in country or abroad. Presently if we talk about the all the citizens of India the bill like “CAA” which is totally discriminatory in nature. It is a religion based  bill which is focused on the religion  like the Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, etc. and not talking about the our Muslim citizens of India, are they not part of our country and how could a decision be so biased. Now the promises made our govt. sounds hollow.

Bouts of violence in Myanmar’s western Rakhine state have continued for several years, culminating in an exceedingly sweeping campaign unleashed in August 2017 in response to militant attacks. That crackdown has forced quite 720,000 Rohingya to escape to Bangladesh, in what the United Nations’ human rights agency has called “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing”. Myanmar has denied the majority the accusations made by refugees against its troops, who it said engaged in legitimate counterinsurgency operations.

The govt. has said the Rohingya in India are illegal immigrants and a security threat. It deported the primary seven Rohingya men back to Myanmar last month, despite warnings properly groups that conditions in Myanmar weren’t safe for his or her return and also the move was a violation of law of nations.

“On the one hand the govt says it doesn’t want illegal immigrants. Then why are they taking X refugees and not Y?” said Tridivesh Maini, an overseas policy analyst with the Jindal School of affairs.

one of the minister in Rajasthan, defended the bill, saying it absolutely was meant for persecuted minorities from specific countries. “This isn’t a dustbin,” he said. “Everyone cannot come here to say citizenship. Rohingyas should be deported because they’re staying here illegally.”


This article doesn’t mean to hurt any country or any govt. It is just working as a eye-opener for all[1].


[1] The above content is available the and

Author: Mayank Malhotra,
Student, School of Law, Christ (deemed to be University) DELHI-NCR

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