What women are and what society thinks ???????

What women are and what society thinks ???????

In present scenario we appreciate all the work done by women in the other field beside the stereotype of house hold chores made for women. All in this world is doing the same task of appreciating women by mentioning that in today’s world the women are walking step ahead of man in every field and that is appreciable too as we compare the condition of women in our history.

Many say when the world begun the work was divided. And the women chose to do household chores and men decided to work outside. Where the hell this is written and I couldn’t find out till now. Which great men has divided the work and what is his name, could anyone tell. And I who the hell are we to decide the decide the rights of women which god or spiritual energy has given us the power to divide the work of men and women. According to me if we do every work together instead of dividing amongst us and then criticizing the other party then the world will work with peace and harmony.

There would be zeal and enthusiasm everywhere. Which super power has told that the men are superior to women class. If I couldn’t see any proof till now and if you say that men has better endurance than women then I would say can any man work continuous 24 hrs without having rest but you will see in your daily life when women wake up getting her husband ready then children then completing all the household chores before going to the office , then doing the office work then coming back and not taking rest as most of the men do and preparing meals for every person in the family and at the same time scheduling for the next day’s event and we cant take notice of all that as we take these things as granted.

I am quoting a live example, once I told my mom , who is a house wife that your are not doing any work as i thought that work is only going to office and for which money is paid but at that moment she said nothing and the very next morning I woke up late  in the morning and  I saw  that i was late for everything, my lunch was not ready and couldn’t think of  anything as all the things were messed up and I was not having any idea how to cover up them all and that day I realised the importance of a lady in life from getting up in morning till going to bed in the night.

If anybody says that men are having more strength than women then could they resist the pain of breaking 206 bone in body  the answer to this question would be no but a women can as giving birth to a baby is equivalent to that pain. Now take the example of our own country where we many women as goddess you would be surprised that why have I written many women and not all , this because in this materialistic world we think that there is a particular women to worship and we couldn’t see the hidden message which are ancestor left behind that we cant remember name of each and every women and through this process can pay respect to all but people thought in other way that if they will worship a women only by carving statues of goddess and not giving other women the dignity of  human beings also and taking them granted. Suppose any girl clears any difficult task then we all appreciate them and at the same time if a man performs the same task we take them for granted.

Why? Are women from another world having three legs or two nose or four eyes. Women has the right to give to life  by nature and we are no one to judge them out. Think if your mother had not given her your breast feeding then where would you lie today. If  anyone says that from history the condition of women are like this only then I would like to give the evidence of mahabharata which is admired by everyone in the society. In that women had the right to chose their husband and husband could take any decision by wife in any field. They had right to to do debates and question anything in the society and make changes.

But as the invaders invaded the mentality deteriorated. Now in the present scenario the people are taking women as granted. And my only request is that please do not consider women from another world or goddess but only consider as human and do not take them as granted for the wholesome development of society. As it is said that if a men is developed then a particular person is developed and if  a women is developed then whole society is developed. As a great person said if you have to see the development of a society then see the condition of women.

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः
यत्रैतास्तु पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः ।।

Author: Mayank Malhotra,
Student, School of Law, Christ (deemed to be University) DELHI-NCR

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